Those video game addicted stars

Nowadays, the passion for video games is no longer limited to private individuals. Many celebrities, from various backgrounds, have also caught the virus and make no secret of it: Hollywood stars, internationally renowned singers and musicians, top sportsmen and women, and so on. Moreover, some of them are really gifted and recognized in the field.

Diesel Wine

Today, who doesn't know Vin Diesel! He is famous all over the world for playing the roles of Riddick and especially Dominic Torretto in the Fast & Furious saga. A true fan of video games, he regularly plays the adventure game Dungeons & Dragons.

He played it frequently with his friend Paul Walker. The actor even had the name of the character Melkor tattooed near his belly button. Better yet, he founded his own studio and video game development house called Tigon Studios to bring to life the license for RPG: The Chronicles of Riddick.

Macaulay Culkin

Everybody remembers Macaulay Culkin and his cute face in Mommy, I missed the plane or Mommy, I missed the plane again. He played the lead, Kevin McCallister.

He's one of the hottest, best-known child stars. Macaulay Culkin, who had been on top of the world at a very young age, disappeared from the screen in 1995 for family reasons. Since then, he has had a few setbacks, more specifically drug problems. He was even arrested for this reason.

A decade later, he became a video game producer and owns his own company Bunny Ears Games. Currently, he is producing the new game Toeljam and Earl, a tandem of alien rappers.

Snoop Dog

Playing video games has long been associated with the unflattering cliché of the antisocial, pimply teenager. This is no longer the case today. Even rapper Snoop Dogg no longer hides his passion for video games.

In 2017, the actor did not hesitate to share his sessions on Battlefield 1 with the general public during a show at E3.He is also a fan of Halo. With the help of a few friends and family, he even created the Hip-Hop Gaming League group. After lending his voice to the game Call of Duty: Ghosts, he produced his own game Way of The Dogg.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich

Zlatan Ibrahimovich was not a big fan of sports games at first, but eventually gave in to temptation. The Swedish giant has now adopted them at home.

He told the Nouvel Observateur news agency how proud he is to be part of the famous FIFA game. True to form, he admits he likes to see himself in a football game, but claims to be better in real life. Many other world-famous footballers such as Eden Hazard and Antoine Griezmann are also addicted to the game. The former even has his image on the cover of the game for Western Europe.

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