The most beautiful films in the history of cinema dedicated to betting and gambling

The universe of betting and gambling, follows the human being from the dawn of time and in the world of cinema are kept small masterpieces on film that impress the exploits of heroes and anti-heroes struggling with any kind of bet. From Las Vegas to Turin, passing through Rome, the films that narrate the cross-cutting and direct stories of the most bizarre and enterprising protagonists are really many, here are some of the most beautiful in the history of cinema that you should not miss. At the sports bar Lino Banfi and Jerry Calà (silent) get up to all sorts of mischief in a Turin of the 80s, when the only real bets were the football pools. The 13th represents social redemption for Uncle Lino, from here the situation precipitates into a series of grotesque adventures, which will lead the two protagonists to the casinos of Monte Carlo, to close the circle in Turin.

Casino Martin Scorzese directs Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci, which tells of all the contradictions of Las Vegas with its organized and increasingly ruthless underworld. Released in 1995, it is one of the most awarded cult films in film history, considered by many to be the third part of Scorzese's trilogy about the mob. Febbre da Cavallo A brilliant masterpiece by Steno shot in the 70s, a cult film that tells the story of Mandrake (Gigi Proietti) Er Pomata (Enrico Montesano) and Felice (Francesco De Rosa) who bet horses from Rome to Agnano. A cast full of actors of a certain level for a compelling story that explains in detail between irony and seriousness, who or what is the bettor.

Risk to two Original title "Two for the money", is a thriller released in 2005 that tells the dangers of betting when everything goes wrong and you play unconsciously. An extraordinary Al Pacino reminds us that gambling must remain just a game. Rain Man" is a masterpiece that received 4 Oscars, the protagonists are Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in a very curious plot. At the death of the father of two brothers, Raymond, suffering from autism is the only heir, who is literally kidnapped by Charlie (Tom Cruise).

Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) is intelligent and gifted with a photographic memory, particularly good at math, calculations and numbers. Where will they end up? In a casino playing Black Jack. The Sting 7 Oscars for a 1973 film directed by George Roy Hill starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, considered by fans the most beautiful film ever made on the world of betting and gambling. The ingredients are all there: mafia, bosses, intrigues, traps and "The big payoff" final.The Big BetA brilliant provocation dedicated to anyone who loves to play the stock market, highlights how some brokers were able to predict the financial crisis of the early 2000s through a bet in the bet.

A brilliant film not to be missed.

Charlotte Boucher Williams
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