SikSilk and Steve Aoki launch a clothing collection

Steve Aoki is known as one of the most talented DJs in the music scene; Sik Silk is a bold clothing brand that is characterized by imposing a unique style combining street and sports fashion with musical and cultural influences. What happens when Steve Aoki decides to make a collaboration with SikSilk? The answer is a clothing collection with daring designs that captivate the public with their colors and invite them to have a completely new wardrobe.

Who is Steve A

oki? Steve Aoki is an American producer and DJ who has also created his own record company. His Japanese roots and the influence of a life in California have marked his style to the point that it has become his trademark. As a musician, he has achieved a very successful career and has collaborated with hundreds of artists, including Will.I.Am and the Backstreet Boys.

As an entrepreneur, he owns the Shin restaurant that specializes in Korean barbecue, the Pizzaoki pizzeria, and has even launched his own line of headphones. Without a doubt, all of his ventures have been successful.

Why SikSilk?

The DJ's decision to collaborate with this clothing brand is simple: Steve Aoki enjoys participating in projects that take into account his roots. In this sense, SikSilk is a brand of urban and sports clothing in which the cultures of its creators from England, Japan and the United States always stand out. It's no coincidence that SikSilk has followed in Steve Aoki's footsteps.

The aim of the clothing brand is to create a style and those who follow SikSilk know that wearing their clothes is to set their own course. For this reason, Steve Aoki and SikSilk are the perfect combination of two unique styles that innovate with a new collection.

Unique garmentsSikSilk

stands out in the creation of unique garments that, in addition to having a singular design, are comfortable. Sweatshirts, trousers and T-shirts are the main clothes in the brand, and Steve Aoki has brought each of them to life.

With colours that stand out, Aoki has revived the fashion of knotted dyeing, but it has done so in such a way that it shows that it is a modern collection. And, of course, he has left his mark on the clothes with the logo that characterizes his image. Without a doubt, it's a daring collection with a unique design in each of its garments. Why shouldn't Steve Aoki collaborate with SikSilk? They both set trends and strive to offer a unique style.

SikSilk is known for creating casual clothing with character, and Steve Aoki is known for giving his customers something new. When it comes to music, he is the most innovative DJ. When it comes to fashion, Aoki has proven that he can make his mark and create a design that is unparalleled.

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